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Every city has a pulse, an energy that each living thing within the city contributes to. If the city is large enough, this pool of energy manifests in the being of the City Father or City Mother. To date, the Glass Walkers have had interaction only with Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Toronto, Boston and London, though the tribe believes other cities harbor such spirits. The totem appears in an anthropomorphic form representative of its city. Chicago has broad shoulders, Atlanta is a southern belle with faded and charred skirts, and Toronto is nattily dressed and a little boring.


Children of a City gain an intimate knowledge of the place as if they had the Bone Gnawer Gift: Attunement. Sometimes, a City can warn its children of impending danger by sending a messenger, usually in the form of someone who loves the city. Children of the City can draw on three dice of an Area Knowledge Dice Pool for their city. Glass Walkers gain one Wisdom when accepted, but any other tribe member who is discovered to have the City as a totem immediately loses 1 Honor.


City Mothers and Fathers often ask of their children favors usually having to do with helping the whole city. If these favors are not granted, the totem may withdraw any support.

Source: Werewolf Player’s Guide 2nd ed

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