Active, inactive and incomplete characters. Each link has a brief description.. for further information please visit the the pages/categories themselves.

Active Characters Edit

Current PCs
Current Player Characters of Dark Forces MUSH.
This category contains notable personalities that are not PCs. These characters are used for Wizard and GM-Story purposes only. (NPCs from the ally, mentor, etc. backgrounds should be included on character pages, not here.)
Table of Alts
A table displaying a Loungebot associated with PCs and/or NPCs belonging to the same player.

Inactive Characters Edit

Character Archive
This category is the final resting place for @dested PCs, old NPCs that have served their purpose, and fully fleshed-out characters that never made it.
Idle PCs
This category represents characters that have not been played in some time (or not at all) and are potentially being considered for @desting and being moved to the "Past PCs" category.
Past PCs
PCs that have left the game for some reason, either for story reasons or due to a player idling out or extensive player vacation.

Incomplete Characters Edit

Character Concepts
These are PCs that are not ready to be looked at by a wizard and are only in the concept/building stages.
Pending Characters
These are PCs that have been written up and applied for but have yet to be given approval by the appropriate wizzen. Please place a character page in this category only if it is ready to be reviewed.