Silent StridersEdit

Silent Strider
Tribal Glyph: SS
Totem: Owl
Notable Aliases: Striders
Alliances: Garou Nation
Sourcebooks: Silent Strider Tribebook
Silent Strider Tribebook revised
Rage Across Egypt

Exiled from their original homeland, the Silent Striders choose to live solitary lives on the road, traveling constantly. Some work as couriers between septs. Silent Striders have learned many secrets of both the physical and spiritual worlds in their travels...

  • Initial Willpower: 3
  • Backgrounds: Silent Striders may not purchase Ancestors or Resources.
  • Beginning Gifts: Sense Wyrm, Silence, Speed of Thought

History Edit

None current.

Current Tribal Information Edit

  • Elder: None.
  • Territory: None.
  • Home Base: None.

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