Seasonal rites vary from tribe to tribe and place to place. Each tribe and sept has its own means of celebrating the turning of the seasons. Some septs celebrate only the major rites of the solstices and equinoxes; others perform a rite at least once per moon. The rites below are performed by all Garou tribes. They are the fundamental rites celebrating Gaia's constant cycle of life-in-death-in-life.

These rites renew the Garou's connection to Gaia as the Earth Mother. Some Garou even believe that were such rites to cease entirely, dire repercussions would result. A few of the more mystic (or perhaps just crazier) Garou insist that if such rites weren't performed, Gaia herself might find no point in continuing the cycle, and the world would enter a perpetual Fimbulwinter...or worse.

System Edit

Seasonal Rites must, obviously, occur at the exact time of the year the particular rite celebrates, and at least five Garou must attend. When performing the rite, the ritemaster must make a Stamina + Rituals roll (difficulty 8). If performed at a caern, the difficulty of the roll is 8 minus the caern's level. Thus, a seasonal rite performed at a Level Three caern has a difficulty of 5 (8 - 3).

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