Minor Rites are the rituals that the Garou incorporate into daily living. Almost all Garou know and use at least a few such Minor Rites.

There are an almost infinite variety of Minor Rites available to the Garou. The rites below are but a small sampling. Many Garou develop their own unique Minor Rites to help them reaffirm their connection to Gaia, their totem spirit, or each other.

System Edit

Players may purchase Minor Rites at one-half the normal Background cost (two for one). Similarly, Minor Rites may be learned in half the time it takes to learn other rites. Minor Rites take only two to five minutes to enact, much less time than other rites require. Garou who regularly perform a Minor Rite find it easier to achieve certain goals. The Storyteller should occasionally require players to roleplay the invocation of these rites, to emphasize that a character is performing them regularly.

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