This category represents characters that have not been played in some time (or not at all) and are potentially being considered for @desting and being moved to the "Past PCs" category.

  • We usually wait no less than one month (30 days) of idle time to place a character in this category.
  • We aren't trigger-happy with @dests (character deletion), but the wizcorps does reserve the right to @dest any character and related objects after one month of inactivity if we are not notified in some way of a character/player hiatus or vacation. If the wizards are informed of a character's upcoming idle time, that character will remain in 'Current PCs' until such a time as their absence begins to have serious IC consequences. They will then be moved to 'Idle PCs,' where the below will become true.
  • Unless the player of an idle character has stated otherwise, it is fine and encouraged that active PCs consider idle characters as having left the City for unspecified reasons. Should the idle PCs return, why they left can be determined upon their reintroduction.
  • If an idle character is filling a unique slot (such as Adren or a locked merit), that slot reopens to character application.

So, in summary, if you can let us know you're going to be idle for some time, please have the courtesy to do so. Even if you don't know how long the idle time will be, at least give us a head's up and we'll be more than happy to work with you.

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