Get of Fenris
Tribal Glyph: GoF
Totem: Fenris
Notable Aliases: Fenrir, Get
Alliances: Garou Nation
Sourcebooks: Get of Fenris Tribebook
Get of Fenris Tribebook revised

Dedicated to the Wyrm's utter destruction, the Get are considered savage and bloodthirsty. This tribe is primarily of Germanic and Scandinavian descent, and Fenrir take great pride in their heritage.

  • Initial Willpower: 3
  • Backgrounds: Get of Fenris may not purchase Contacts.
  • Beginning Gifts: Razor Claws, Resist Pain, Visage of Fenris

History Edit

None current.

Current Tribal Information Edit

  • Elder: None.
  • Territory: None.
  • Home Base: None.

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