Sidhe nobility have divided themselves into different houses or affiliations. Each of the five noble houses has distinct philosophies and bestows a certain reputation upon its members, whether those members deserve it or not. To belong to a house is to espouse its beliefs and dictums. Your character's personality will suggest which house she belongs to and, in turn, her affiliation with that house bestows Boons and Flaws on her.

Only sidhe are traditionally considered true nobility and able to belong to houses. With the end of the Accordance War, however, many commoners joined houses or were awarded membership in them. Not all sidhe choose to join a house, preferring to remain unaffiliated. While this can hinder their chances for advancement in the court hierarchy, these sidhe frequently no longer care about the trappings of court politics.

List of Houses: Edit

Practical and straightforward, House Dougal is known for its skill with machinery and knowledge of metalwork.
Mysterious and wise, House Eiluned is known for its knowledge of the stars and understanding of Glamour.
Adventurous and unpredictable, House Fiona is known for its passion.
Noble and conservative, yet given to terrible tempers, House Gwydion is known for its wise and fair rulers.
Brooding and dark, House Liam is known for its advocacy and guardianship of humanity and its deeply held moral and ethical ideals.

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