Rather like a Mage has Quintessence and a Werewolf has Rage and Gnosis, all vampires have what is known as a Blood Pool. It consists of a number of "blood points," each roughly corresponding to a pint of blood, and with a maximum determined by that vampire's Generation. Blood fuels everything a vampire does, from rising in the evening (one point) to powering their Disciplines and various other functions, and can only be regained through feeding on living creatures. Or, in this modern day and age, raiding a blood bank, if one has that option.

Hunting Edit

For the most part, it can be safely assumed that your average Kindred knows how to hunt sufficiently well not to get into trouble. However, a GM may decide to ONS a hunt whenever it seems appropriate, or to use a potentially botched hunt as fuel for a plot. Dots in the Background: Herd will directly offset this, but anyone without (or some usable substitute) is fair game. Also, blood may be regained in standard combat as a matter of course, if you manage to land a bite on the guy. Just remember that little thing called the Masquerade...