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Bat is an unusual totem, and a rare choice – as far as most Garou know, he has fallen entirely into the thrall of the Wyrm. Until recently, this was a very accurate summation; the fall of the Camazotz centuries ago destroyed Bat’s sanity, and in his hatred he turned against Gaia so that he could help to destroy the Garou who drove his children to extinction. Recent events in Mexico, however, have partially redeemed Bat, or at least a portion of him. Like the deity revered by the Mayan cultures so long ago, Bat now appears to have a dual aspect – in some respects he is still of the Wyrm, but in others he has come back to Gaia. Most Garou don’t know what to make of this, and look on Bat’s followers with great suspicion. None seem to be corrupt, but that doesn’t make them innocent.

For their part, Bat’s children have deep ties to the earth unmatched by those of other Garou. They listen to the voices of the Camazotz, and are making a sincere effort to continue that lost Breed’s work. The voice of Gaia sings through them, and they listen to Her voice so that they can find Her enemies and destroy them.


Bat’s children gain three dots of Enigmas, and each may use the Gift: Ears of the Bat once per day for the duration of the scene. Each pack member’s Perception increases by one permanently, even if this would raise the rating above 5. Pack members also gain two points of Wisdom.

Garou with this totem are well regarded by many Fera, particularly those in Central and South America. however, Garou look upon Bat and his children with suspicion, meaning that all pack members lose five points of temporary Honor (if they have that many) and subtract one from any temporary Honor Renown awards they receive. The pack members must work harder to prove that they are honorable.


Bat demands that his children never fight with Gaia’s other children – including other Gaian Garou. Even ritualized or honorable combat is forbidden. His followers simply need to find other ways to resolve disputes.

Source: Shadow Lords Tribebook Rev

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