Perhaps the largest corporate entity in all of Crystal Springs, Baldwin Technology and Sciences (BT&S) operates out of the Baldwin Building in downtown (Highcliff). Easily one of the tallest high rises, the Baldwin Building is a center for research in Alternative Energy sources and Green Industry, as well as breakthrough software for Civil Engineering. It is also contains one of the most state-of-the-art examples of security systems in the city, despite the building seeming to be constructed of mostly windows.

The current CEO and majority owner of the company, Alexander Baldwin, is also the city council member for Highcliff and a staunch opponent of the current liberal and progressive mayor, Allen Gainsborough. Mr. Gainsborough has consistently tried to pass legislation to force businesses such as BT&S to reveal more of their inner workings to the public, and further the civil interests of the city over commercial development. Clearly, Mr. Baldwin disagrees with this tack.

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