This Trait denotes your character's rank in changeling society. Not all Kithain have a title; in fact, few rise above the rank of squire, if they attain any title at all. The Title Background bestows little in the way of actual power, but is the most important source of social influence. The holding, land that is bequeathed to a noble, is covered separately under the Holdings Background, and it is quite possible to have a landless baron or even duke.

Usually only sidhe are granted titles, though it is possible for commoners to gain titles, especially those of squire and knight. A few commoners hold higher titles, most of these granted under the Treaty of Concord. Please note that the Houses may have their own unique ranking systems and requirements for reaching each rank. Below are the most common examples of what each dot equates to in Changeling Society, but names may differ from house to house. Ranks in Title above the base five may exist, but are not considered for PC characters.

• Basic: You are a squire.

• • Minor: You are a knight or a lady.

• • • Useful: You are a baron or a baroness.

• • • • Significant: You are a count or a countess.

• • • • • Incredible: You are a duke or a duchess.