Talismans are items with large amounts of Quintessence bound into them. This Quintessence was channeled at the time of the Talisman's creation to help a mage use magick. This Background Trait allows some mages to being the game with a Talisman already in their possesssion. The Talisman could be a gift from a Mentor, an incredibly lucky find at an antique shop, or a family heirloom. The rating of this Trait determines the power of the Talisman. Technocratic Talismans are known as Devices.

  • Note: This Trait is rolled whenever a mage attempts to create a Talisman of his own.

Typically, each dot in this background represents a sphere effect. A single Talisman with a rating of four in this background could have the effect of Prime 2 as well as Matter 2.

  • Note: Bastet and Sorcerers pay double for this Background (i.e. a Sorcerer with 4 dots in Talisman has the equivalent of a 2-dot Mage Talisman).

• A minor Talisman (Spirit Helmet)

•• A useful Talisman (Sword of Discharge)

••• A Talisman of significant power (X-ray Glasses)

•••• A much-sought Talisman mentioned in many texts (Peacemaker)

••••• A Talisman of incredible power (Prodigy)