Rituals are an important part of Garou life. This Trait denotes how many rites the character knows at the beginning of the game. Remember that to learn a rite the character needs a Rituals Knowledge rating at least equal to the level of a given rite. While Rank is not necessarily a factor, a Theurge would need a pretty convincing reason to teach a Level Five (or even a Level Four or Three) rite to a Rank 1 Garou.

Putting a dot/rank in the rites background gives you points, as detailed below:

  • 1 Rank: 2 points
  • 2 Ranks: 5 points
  • 3 Ranks: 8 points
  • 4 Ranks: 10 points
  • 5 Ranks: 13 points

(If you wish to purchase more than 13 Rites Points at character creation, each additional Rites Point costs 1 freebie.)

Points are used to buy rites at the given costs:

  • Minor: 1/2 point
  • Level 1: 1 point
  • Level 2: 2 points
  • Level 3: 3 points

You may not purchase higher than level 3 rites.

Finally, you must have at least two minor rites to have a rank 1 rite; you must have at least two rank 1 rites to have a rank 2 rite, and so on.

Rites by Race Edit

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