Your character has one or more enchanted humans or retainers under his sway. This Retinue answers to your character and is under his control, either through enchantment or by some more mundane method of control. They will tend to be loyal to him, although some may betray him if they are ill-treated. Members of a changeling's retinue are not infallible. You should define them clearly and assign each a weakness. For instance, one might be very loyal, but not very skilled. Another might be powerful, but have a very independent mind. Retinue are meant to be characters in and of themselves. They should not be abused.

• Basic: You have one member in your retinue.

•• Minor: You have two members in your retinue.

••• Useful: You have four members in your retinue.

•••• Significant: You have six members in your retinue.

••••• Incredible: You have ten members in your retinue.