The Resources Background quantifies your character's financial resources or access to such funds. The resources are not always completely liquid, but your character can sell them to gain money. It may take weeks or even months to do so, depending on how much needs to be sold. Your Storyteller may ask you to define the source of your character's income, because the well might "dry up" depending on the circumstances of the chronicle.

• Student: You squeak by with an efficiency apartment, a low-income job, a moped and lots of canned soup. Maybe Ramen.

For Kinfolk, you could probably support on Garou for a short period of time.

•• Middle Class: You have an apartment (or small house) and an older automobile. Work is steady, but unglamorous.

For Kinfolk, if you pinched pennies and bought cheap cuts of beef, you could take care of a couple Garou for about three months or one for a longer time.

••• Upper Class: You're a professional earning good wages. You live in a nice home or condominium, drive a car less than five years old and have nice clothes.

For Kinfolk, a half-dozen Garou could live with you for a year and still enjoy steak tartare on a nightly basis.

•••• Wealthy: The family estate is yours, complete with land, a few servants, a couple of fine cars and a stuffed bank account.

For Kinfolk, you could easily support a large pack of Garou for an indefinite period of time.

••••• Filthy Rich: Money is no object. You own multiple homes, cars and businesses.

For Kinfolk, your assets could probably support an entire continent's worth of a single Garou tribe, at least for a while.
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