Remembrance defines your character's connection to the Dreaming and her unconscious knowledge of the fae. Most Kithain have very little memory of their faerie selves or of the past lives they have lived. Those with high levels of Remembrance still retain some memories or have periodic flashbacks of previous lives.

Anytime the character is interacting with changelings or other creatures of the Dreaming, roll a Dice Pool equal to his Remembrance rating. The number of successes can be added to the character's Etiquette Dice Pool when interacting with the person or creature. This number of successes can also determine how well a character understands the unwritten laws of faerie society and the Dreaming. In the latter case, the Storyteller may offer hints as to how the character should behave in a given situation.

• Basic: You may remember hazy bits of information when triggered by an event or other reminder.

•• Minor: You can glean reasonably accurate information with a reminder.

••• Useful: You have access to worthwhile lore; you experience flashbacks that deliver information without a reminder.

•••• Significant: You are able to remember remarkable information, including memories of important events from your past lives.

••••• Incredible: You have an astounding wealth of information available to you, including large portions of your past lives or even entire lifetimes.