With this Trait, your character has access to a great wealth of information. This 'library' may take the form of books, old scrolls, computer databases or even friends who have it all in their heads and who are happy to share it with you. Most importantly, your character can access this information whenever she wants and study it at will. The knowledge contained in your character's library can include both mundane and occult elements. Although it may not always prove entirely reliable, more often than not your character can take her time, cross-reference and check her information. Best of all, such a library is often a wealth of information that your particular character considers important, so it can have useful knowledge about magic, the supernatural and other obscure topics that wouldn't be found in a more mundane collection.

Libraries are especially useful in unearthing new lore, Sphere knowledge or specialized information. Use a Mental Attribute + Library roll to look up information regarding an arcane of obscure topic. Success helps your character in such an endeavor, possible justifying the expenditure of experience on such Traits.

Depending on the nature of the 'library', your character may choose to keep it somewhere readily available to other characters. In such a case, all player with access can pool their Library scores and benefit from the increased wealth of information (pending Storytelling approval). However, they may run into duplication of information. Thus, a pooled library is only as effective as the best Library rating in the group, plus one for each additional Library thrown in.

x You have no particular information resources.

• You've got some New-Age paperbacks.

•• Your library is 90% pulp and 10% substance.

••• You have numerous useful texts.

•••• You have an enviable collection, both occult and mundane.

••••• You can access lore, lost secrets, common wisdom and obscure facts.