You have pull in the mortal community, whether through wealth, prestige, political office, blackmail or supernatural manipulation. Characters with high Influence can sway, and in rare cases even control, the political and social process of human society. Influence represents the sum of your political power in your community, particularly among the police and bureaucracy.

Some rolls may require you to use Influence in place of an Ability, particularly when attempting to sway minor bureaucrats. It is, of course, always easier to institute sweeping changes on a local level than a worldwide scale (e.g., having an 'abandoned' building demolished is relatively easy, while starting a war is a bit more difficult).

• Moderately influential; a factor in city politics.

•• Well-connected; a force in state politics.

••• Position of influence; a factor in regional politics.

•••• Broad personal power; a force in national politics.

••••• Vastly influential; a factor in global politics.