Your character has inherited a faerie freehold. Such freeholds are greatly coveted by other Kithain, and you may be required to spend much of your time protecting it from squatters and other greedy changelings. Most freeholds are held by nobles, but some freeholds belong exclusively to commoners. In rare instances, a freehold may be secreted away and held by an individual, but if the nobility discover it, they will more than likely come to take it away.

The Trait rating not only reflects the size of the freehold, but the amount of Glamour that may be gained from it each day.

• Basic: You are in charge of an insignificant freehold that produces one point of Glamour.

•• Minor: You are in charge of a small freehold that produces two points of Glamour.

••• Useful: You are in charge of a medium-sized freehold that produces three points of Glamour.

•••• Significant: You are in charge of a large freehold that produces four points of Glamour.

••••• Incredible: You are in charge of a huge freehold that produces five points of Glamour.