Whether through your Garou family, a Fellowship or your own nimbleness, you have access to specialized equipment not normally available from the local outfitter. This equipment may be as simple as silver bullets or as rare and complex as a mage's ray gun. You begin the game with this equipment, but once it's gone, it's gone. If you blow all your dragon-breath bullets in one firefight, you'll have to finagle a way to get replacements through roleplaying.

• One minor item: Encompasses such objects as silver bullets, quality Kevlar vests, street-level drugs, etc.

•• Two minor items: More minor items include laser sights, healing herbs, gas masks or police-issue pepper spray.

••• One major item: Major items include explosive ammunition, wiretaps, pharmaceuticals, surgical field kits, white noise generators, small private aircraft and so on. You could also have a lesser talen (Gnosis 4 or less) at this level.

•••• Two major items: Additional major items include specialized vehicles, military-issue firearms, electron microscopes, etc. You may alternately have a greater talen at this level (Gnosis 5-7).

••••• One unique item: High-tech experimental firearms, magical crystal balls and untraceable poisons fatal to Garou are examples of unique items. This level alternatively allows ownership of one powerful talen (Gnosis 8-10). Equipments at this level should be carefully regulated by the Storyteller.