Elder characters begin as 10th Generation. Only by taking this Background can they start as more powerful, lower-Generation vampires. Characters cannot take more than five levels of this Background.

However, the blood of more ancient vampires is highly sought by those Kindred willing to commit the sin of diablerie. Characters of lower Generation are inevitably targeted by such types (or other beings equally interested) for the promise of greater power for themselves. Thus, character with this Background have at least one enemy after their blood. This, of course, does not preclude other enemies interested in destroying the character for other reasons!

Note: Access to this Background is by staff discretion only. Be sure to ask before planning a character using this Background.

  1. 9th Generation: One minor enemy.
  2. 8th Generation: Two minor enemies.
  3. 7th Generation: One major enemy.
  4. 6th Generation: Two major enemies.
  5. 5th Generation: Two major enemies and several minor enemies.

Refer to the Generation Chart for further information.