Some mages - or even Sleepers! - stand out heroically, pulling the threads of the Tapestry around them as they charge blindly on to an undeniable destiny. The fate of such a mage is generally known, though in a vague way. A prophecy, a vision or even just a 'sense of greatness' follows this sort of mage. Her fellow mages sense this fate, as does she. Although none of the characters will know the exact nature of her fate, you should work it out behind the scenes with your Storyteller, or have your Storyteller determine it for you secretly. This final fate should remain mysterious - an enigma - within the context of the story.

The knowledge that she will go on to do great things gives your character a stronger sense of purpose and thus, it increases her ability to exert her will. She knows that she will not die an ignominious death and this knowledge gives her the courage to go one when times get tough. Once per story (not each game session), if your character faces an end that goes against her destiny, you may roll her Destiny score verses a difficulty number of 8. Each success you roll allows you to regain one spent Willpower point. You may use these points to help your character avoid a cheap death. Destiny steps in and helps your character when she needs it the most.

However, your Storyteller may decide, at any time, that the danger your character faces meets the criteria of her destiny and disallow you any special saving rolls. Your character's fate, in this case, has come calling and she must survive on her own or fulfill that Destiny.

A mage can fulfill his destiny, and at such a time, the Background goes away. The fulfillment of the destiny usually culminates in some large change for the character's life, though. Conversely, an otherwise mundane person may suddenly discover a powerful destiny. The course of fate is fickle indeed, and even mages cannot see the future with total certainty.

x You're just a tar-heel like everyone else.

• A minor destiny; roll one die

•• An impressive destiny; roll two dice

••• A crucial destiny; roll three dice

•••• A world-changing destiny; roll four dice

••••• An earth-shattering destiny; roll five dice