Your character knows certain people in useful places to whom she can turn for information and assistance. The Contacts Background defines how influential these people are and how helpful. Major contacts are friends on whom your character can rely to provide her with accurate information in their fields. When creating your character, you should describe her contacts as completely as possible, with profession and area of influence.

This Trait also gives your character a number of minor contacts. When your character wants to get in touch with a minor contact, roll a Dice Pool equal to the number of dots you have in Contacts (base difficulty 7). For each success, she can touch base with one of her minor contacts. At that point, she can attempt to bribe or charm the contact into giving her what she needs.

• Basic: You have one major contact.

•• Minor: You have two major contacts.

••• Useful: You have three major contacts.

•••• Significant: You have four major contacts.

••••• Incredible: You have five major contacts.