Allies are folks who help and support you, whether out of love or common interest. They can be old comrades or even organizations that are friendly to you. They may have skills of their own (medicine, for instance), but they often have community influence, with contacts or resources they can use on your behalf. Allies are generally trustworthy, but the relationship takes time and energy to maintain. They have their own lives, so don't treat them like servants. Except in special circumstances, your allies don't usually know you are a werewolf (that knowledge would probably alter the relationship for the worse), but they may know that you have special "knacks," and they will come to you for favors. After all, friends help each other out, right?

Allies are more than just a pool of extra contacts — you can influence them as well. They're friends, after all, and they'll listen to you. Convincing your fishing buddy that a local refinery is spilling toxins into a major fishery can do wonders for your cause when he's an aide in the governor's office. Of course, just as your allies are more loyal and directly useful than your contacts, they can also require more in return. But hey, they're your friends, right?

You should work out who your allies are at the beginning of the game, as well as how you know them. Maybe they're old brothers-in-arms or friends from a local environmental society. Maybe (if your rating is 5) you're an old hunting buddy of the governor.

• One ally, of moderate influence and power (doctor or veterinarian, local activist).

•• Two allies, both of moderate power or one ally that is quite influential (district ranger, deputy sheriff).

••• Three allies of moderate power or two allies that are quite influential, or one ally that is very influential (newspaper editor, local philanthropist).

•••• Four allies of moderate power, or two allies that are very influential, or one ally that is extremely influential (city councilman, military base commander).

••••• Five allies of moderate power, or two allies that are extremely influential, or one ally that is immensely influential (mayor, senator's aide).

Note: Varying levels of influence may be argued with your appwizard; we recognize this is not an exhaustive list of possibility. Further, distant allies may be more powerful in a general sense, though their local influence would be as stated in the blurb.