You have survived for many, many years as a vampire. You have seen much of the every-changing, never-changing dance of politics and pain that forms the worlds of both Kindred and kine alike. This Background does not necessarily reflect your actual age, however. Instead, it reflects the number of years you have been conscious throughout your long existence. If you have fallen into torpor, time passes you by, as does the experience and knowledge you could have gained by participating in the events of that period. Players are free to determine how many times their characters have fallen into torpor, and for how long each time. This enables players to create characters born in truly ancient times.

Every dot in this Background gains a number of freebie points to use in character creation but also costs Humanity. This can be repurchased, but elders must spend 5 freebies per extra point of Humanity. Amounts given reflect cumulative totals. Note that each dot in Age grants slightly less of an experience advantage than the one before (reflected in freebie points), reflecting the difficulty an elder has in gaining new abilities as she becomes more and more set in her ways.

Note: This background has been rendered obsolete by the Experience tiers, go look at them instead.

  1. 51-200 Years active: +30 Freebies, -1 Humanity
  2. 201-350 Years active: +55 Freebies, -2 Humanity
  3. 351-500 Years active: +75 Freebies, -3 Humanity
  4. 501-750 Years active: +90 Freebies, -4 Humanity
  5. 751-1000 Years active: +100 Freebies, -5 Humanity
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