First off, if you're new to our game, it's suggested you go take a look at the Newbie's Guide to Application. It shouldn't take long, and may help clear up a few things that'll save fussing about later on.

First Things First!Edit

We have recently changed our application procedure! You now create a character, get their stats and concept approved, and then you have 30 days in which to get the character's background approved. You can RP and test out the character during these 30 days (going over 30 days will stall further RP until the background is completed) See more at How To Apply.

Creating a Page Edit

You can create a new page in one of two ways:

The first is to type in your address bar

(replacing, of course, "Your_Article_Here" with your character's full name, paying attention to capitalization.) Once there, click Click here to start this page!

The second way is to go to Special:Createpage and start from there.

Voila, you have a new character page to work with.

Note: If you're new to using wikia, we understand it can be difficult. You can alternatively mail your application to, and we will be happy to get your page started.

Adding an Infobox Edit

Before you continue, make sure you're in code view (by clicking the "source" button on the top right of the wikia editor), and then grab the appropriate infobox from Infobox Templates. Paste it in the top of the document, and fill it out.

The Rest Edit

Copy paste the following and fill it out, including as many details as you feel are needed:

== Personality ==

Stuff and talky things.

== Sheet ==

Here, you can take either the Sheet Table or the Sheet Summary and tweak it as desired.

== Freebies ==

List the points spent on merits, flaws, and other additions to the base sheet here.

== Expertises & Specialties ==

See House Rules for rules on Specialties and Expertises.

== Merits & Flaws ==

Explain all your merits and flaws here, should they need a more in-depth explanation.

== Backgrounds ==

Explain all your backgrounds here, should they need a more in-depth explanation.

== History ==

More stuff and talky things.

== Etc ==

If you want you can add in things like playlist, or other character information here.

You don't have to follow this template if you don't want to, but it gives you a good idea of what we're looking for in an app. Feel free to look at other character pages to see examples, and please look over the Character Generation page.

Actually Applying Edit

Once you've got everything put together as you like it, change your page's category from Category:Character Concepts to Category:Pending Characters to let the wizzen know that you're ready for them to look it over. They'll review your app and put any comments on your Talk page.

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