Located in College Town, this coffee house is run by local artists and hackers volunteering their time to bring you a beverage in a comfortable atmosphere. Alt.Coffee is a non-smoking establishment with eclectic decor. Come for a cup of coffee, then stay to view the paintings and thin sculptures lining the walls.

 Although we have a variety of coffees, there are plenty of other beverages and treats to choose from. Vegan Menu, Kosher and other specialty menus available upon request. All treats are baked on site and recipes are always on display.

 To enter other parts of our establishment, you must be a member of The Alt Society, a guest of a member, or a paying attendee of one our workshops.


Members and Frequent Visitors:

  • Tiffany Baker (NPC) an a sculptor who often helps behind the beverage counter.
  • Ishmael Chavez (PC) can sometimes be found in the hacker lab helping repair locks used on the lockpick wall.
  • Lena Doyle (PC) is often seen painting in the art studio or working in the coffee house.
  • Andrea Giannico (NPC) is a photographer. Male. Italian accent. Joined Nov 2010.
  • Kevin Hamilton (NPC) a friendly hacker often supplying tech support in exchange for cookies sold on site.
  • Kirk 'b1n4ry' Thornton (Lena's Background NPC) a hacker and ideas man in the Alt Society.
  • Bianca Stark (NPC) and Nerisa Stark (NPC) twin sisters that dabble in art and technology.
  • Esther Vincent (NPC) a young, nice, art newbie who likes to volunteer and help out.
  • Michael 'The Kernel' Winters (NPC) is the go-to guy in the hacker lab.

Limited Time Events:

Coffee House

No Limited Time Events scheduled.

Hacker Lab

No Limited Time Events scheduled.

Art Studio

No Limited Time Events scheduled.

Ongoing Events:

Coffee House - Poetry Night: 5PM-10PM Every Thursday

Recommended donation of 2 dollars, not required.
Come sit by the piano and read your poems. Or, listen to poems read by others.

Coffee House - Rock Band: 5PM-10PM Every Saturday

A television and game console are wheeled into the coffee house.
Why go to a bar for Karaoke when you can pretend to be a rockstar?
Come in, buy a cup of coffee and sign up for your performance slot.

Hacker Lab - Lockpicking Lessons: 6PM-9PM First and Third Tuesday of every month.

10 Dollars for Visitors, 5 dollars for Members.
Come learn what a tension wrench is and how to use different picks on a variety of different locks.
All are welcome from newbies to well seasoned veterans!

Art Studio - Beginner Pottery Lessons: 1PM-4PM Every Monday

20 Dollars for Visitors, 10 dollars for Members.
Learn to create with clay.
We provide the clay and apron, you keep the art!

Art Studio - Amateur Photography: 3pm-5PM First Saturday of every month.

4 Dollars for Visitors, 2 dollars for Members.
Learn the basics of photography and get to take a few photos.

AltCoffee image
 Alt.Coffee (@tel #1089) is a coffee house and hacker/artist space wrapped into one located in College Town. The entrance room is a public coffee house. Back rooms are for members only: An art studio, a hacker lab and a gallery.
Curious about the past?
Past Events.

Art Studio:

Painting, sculpting, photography and other creative activities occur here.

Hacker Lab

Lockpicking, defragging, geek video viewing and so much more geekery occurs here. Equipped with internet access and computers for local geeks to meet up and challenge each other.


The Alt Society displays a variety of art, hacks and prototypes in this space.

Membership and Visitors

Member recruitment is always on going.
Full Membership Fee: 30 dollars per month.
Visitor/Guest Pass Fee: 5 dollars per day. (waived if attending a workshop)
Full Membership includes:
  • Access to Hacker Lab and Artist Studio.
  • Access to the Alt Society kitchen.
  • Fifty percent discount on workshop tickets.
  • And.. ONLY members may display in the Gallery.
 Alt.Coffee began as the Crystal Springs HackerSpace, established by local hackers from a local college June of 2007 in College Town. This was made possible with the help of parents and a bank loan. To cover the cost of renting the place, the hackers that used the space paid monthly dues. In the following months, the hackers realized they needed to bring in more paying members or lose the space.

 In the interest of bringing in more people to the Crystal Springs Hackerspace, artists are invited in to use the space, as paying members. Once the artists became members the first order of business was to find a more neutral title for the place. After much brainstorming within the group the idea of a coffee house/hackerspace/art studio, is born. The location name was changed to Alt.Coffee and the membership from then on was called the The Alt Society. Individuals are often just called Alt Members. All that were present when The Alt Society was established were then labeled Founding Members.

 The coffee house section of Alt.Coffee was opened to the public on during February of 2008. Proceeds from refreshment and snack sales, go toward keeping that portion running and space rental costs. Alt Members volunteer time to work in the coffee house, saving money that would have otherwise been spent on hiring staff. From March to May of that same year, the hacker lab and artist studio in the back of Alt.Coffee went under construction, molding the space to suit both groups happily and allowing them to merge harmoniously.

Hackers + Artists = Creative Coffee Addicts